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Thread: Online Sitebuilders - Soholaunch vs. Livesite

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    Default Online Sitebuilders - Soholaunch vs. Livesite

    Between these two online sitebuilders - Soholaunch and LiveSite - can anyone tell me which of the two is most intuitive/user-friendly for building a relatively simple website? I need something that inexperienced to moderately experienced individuals will be able to work with. Thanks in advance for any pros/cons or "reviews" you might offer.

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    I must say first that three months ago I was a complete newbie in web developing, I'm still are, of course. But I say this because I started using LiveSite knowing absolutely nothing about websites nor programming stuff. I was able to get a complete website in a few days running smoothly. I've done some homework though using Google and followed almost all hint's I've found at Bluehost help place, Livesite's forum and this forum (which is full of good advices kindly given by this forum users and with special mention to the active and assertive participation of the moderators), recomended procedures, etc.

    So, at least, I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

    However, I know some other users have had issues with LiveSite install even when using SimpleScripts, mostly regarding the ZendOptimizer or something like that (not really sure. As I said I'm a rookie too). That was not my case.

    I installed LiveSite using SimpleScripts, fast and with no trouble.
    It was very easy to get started since LiveSite is easy to work with. I strongly suggest using the Sandbox at LiveSite's a couple times to understand how to proceed and get the "mechanics" of it, it's free.

    I also suggest to review how your site is going to be build and managed since there are several restrictions to that if you wanto to use the free version, prior to installation.

    It works, fast.

    Code, pictures, menus, buttons are easy to install and get running. I repeat: I used almost not any code and in fact you could use none to get a web running. However, don't forget to secure your page the best you can and that means learning fasto how to do it (tips: htacces and config files are on your own, no matter which building software you use).

    I have no experience with Soholaunch.

    As you can see, this is not a review, just my personal experience. Maybe other users are able to do a review, not me, I'm still a newbie.

    Thats all I can say about this, hope it might be of any help.
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    Thanks for respondnig Msalles. Your feedback on your personal experience with LiveSite is actually pretty helpful. Would still like to hear from others on this board before making a decision, but it's good to know that your experience with it has been relatively painless! Thanks again.

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